Official TDV & TCV Sites and Social Media

Here is a list of our official sites and social media channels:

(If not listed here assume it is a scam, send us a mail if in doubt BEFORE engaging with a possible scam site/impersonator)

Official Main Channels:

Official Tor Onion Services sites:

TCV: cryptovivqzmjc64ygxyyhfyajmsnjxdxurzu25igtyqzgb4i2gs3mqd.onion

TDV: DollarVij3fp244t4nffjgv4sqeunyacjn63mwpt56c3v6dthozxlryd.onion DollarVifyat7aehsklwzl2vf4rpkn5t4bftecepzfmv4q4fq53rxwyd.onion

Official Video Channels:

Bitchute | | |

YouTube | |

TikTok | |

Rumble | |

Odysee (Former LBRY) | | | | |

Official Social Media:

Twitter | | | | | | | | | |

Instagram | |

MeWe |

Twetch |

Gab | |

Minds |

Rarible | | |

Flote | |

Hive | | | | |

Telegram | Private groups only via invite after a purchase of a subscription from or

Telegram Public Channel |

Telegram Puerto Vallarta Group |


There are a ton of fake sites, Telegram accounts, FaceBook accounts and more pretending to be TDV/TCV that will try to get you to send them cryptos.

All our services are sold via our website.

We will NEVER ask you to send us crypto directly nor will anyone of us contact you directly to send us funds.

The majority of the scammers will send you a direct message and try to get you to send crypto to give you access to an "investment group".

Known Scammers, Sites & Emails

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]







































Telegram Groups:

VIP Crypto Trading


  • @jeffberwick111
  • @thedollarv
  • @jeffberrwick
  • @Jeffery_Berwick
  • @Jefrey_berwick
  • @jeffberwick__
  • @Thedollarv
  • @jeffberewick
  • @dollarvigiiante
  • @the_dollar_vigilante_1
  • @the_dollar__vigilante._
  • @jeff_bewick
  • @the_dollar_vigilante_
  • @jeff_berwick_01
  • @jeffberwick35
  • @vamosvigiIante ("L" is a capital i" instead of lower case L)
  • @Berwick__jeff
  • @CryptoVigil11
  • @jberwicktdv
  • @DDollarvigilant
  • @ebugosfx
  • @eIbugos
  • @Berwick_Jeff_
  • @Vam0sRaf







Phone Numbers (WhatsApp, Telegram etc):




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