Cryptocurrency 101 | What Are The Most Important Things Beginners Need To Know About Crypto?

If you are new to cryptocurrency and want to invest, we recommend Monero (XMR) since it is fungible and private, both of which are important qualities of sound money. As we have explained in our various newsletters & reports, we recommend using for your crypto wallet since it is very user-friendly. There are many beginner tutorials in the support area of that website (, and many tutorial videos as well ( There is also a helpful cryptocurrency glossary of terms/definitions here:

Another method for buying Monero (XMR) is to use to buy XMR directly. We recommend reading the guides & tutorials available here: I also recommend reading the knowledgebase here:

Another method is to use to buy BTC and then transfer the BTC to and buy XMR there, however both of these methods involve giving out your personal information to a company, which is something you may want to avoid if you value your privacy. Both of those crypto exchanges have tutorials on how to trade crypto ( & If you have any questions, then do some research on their knowledgebases/support websites, and engage their customer support specialists if necessary. You could also do an Internet search and there are plenty more tutorials out there - it is quite straightforward.

Also, if you try all of these things and still have questions, we recommend joining the The Crypto Vigilante (TCV) Official Members Telegram Group and asking fellow subscribers, and someone will be happy to assist you. You will need to have a TCV membership first which you can get HERE

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